Edward Hopper Purse

Edward Hopper Purse

Edward Hopper Cardboard Purse

It was a lovely October morning in Rome. Like “Roman Holiday”, we were on the scooter cruising around with smiles on our faces. Our  destination was the Edward Hopper exhibition at the Vittoriano. After the exhibit, lunch out and the holiday continued. I wanted the day to last forever. So I used the Edward Hopper dépliant and it’s “Second Story Sunlight” as the inspiration for a cardboard purse. Once the structure was created, I carefully cut out the image and painted a background. And to keep the “sustainable” spirit going, I crocheted plastic bags to make the handle.

When I look at the purse, I think of that Beautiful Day. I don’t look closely at the two women on the balcony, one young, one old but both with Jo Hopper as the model. Jo complained that she had obliterated her career as an artist when she became Hopper’s wife.

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